What’s Your Local?

If you follow my blog, have been on our website, or been around people who are a part of InFaith, you’ll know that our thrust is to reach local. Everyone has a local. It’s right in front of you. It’s your neighbor, it’s your employer, it’s your co-worker, it’s your fellow classmate or teammate. We have local people that God has put in our sphere of influence.


We know what our local is because it’s people or things that God has placed right in front of our noses. That’s what I love about InFaith. We reach local. We empower people. We equip people. We give people tools to reach what is right in front of them and it comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. From an auto garage that helps single moms get their cars serviced and repaired at a reasonable rate, to a young man working in an Alzheimer’s unit to allow them to feel and experience the Kingdom of God. Reach Local expresses itself in community and youth centers, and in Bible studies after school. It’s amazing to see what God will do in the places right in front of you.


Take time and look at the Casady’s video that’s on our website. There you’ll see a couple who returned from years of service in Africa who saw a need in Oregon among homeless teenagers and responded by creating something that will allow them to experience the love of God. That’s “Reach Local.” It’s time we think about what it is that God has put right in front of us that we need to reach. What is it for you?