The Ten Commandments

In a couple weeks, I will be going to a Bible school in Germany to teach on the ten commandments for a week. Oftentimes we think of the ten commandments as hard, punitive, tough, difficult, and in some cases, even unfair. It’s a standard that no one can live up to, that no one can perfectly follow except for Jesus himself. And there's a reason for that: Romans 7:12 says that the law is “holy, righteous, and good.” It's holy because it's the perfect expression of God's will. It's the perfect expression of what it means to be a follower of Christ. In the book of Numbers, God says, “You are holy because I am holy.” If you can perfectly, without failing, live up to the ten commandments, you will live out the character of God. But it's impossible. The law is also righteous: it treats everyone the same—whether you're rich or poor; whether you’re well or sick; no matter what country you’re from— we all fall under the law. The law is also good. Galatians 3:24 says, “the law has become our tutor to lead us to Christ.”


The law is a righteous, holy, good mirror that we hold up against their lives and realize we're in desperate need of a savior. Without a savior, the law will condemn us. But with a savior, the law is broken. Not broken by my goodness but broken by the grace that comes from our Lord Jesus Christ. I look forward to teaching the ten commandments. They all remind me of how desperately we need Jesus and how amazing it is that he provided the sacrifice for us. We don’t have to live under the law. We are free.