The Secret Place

I have been practicing going to a place that is quiet with no distractions. I don’t take my phone. I take my soul, my body, and my Bible. And I listen to God. He speaks to me in special ways because taking this time breaks down my natural pride in myself and my lack of humility so I can hear the voice of God. Thomas à Kempis in his book The Imitation of Christ, said this:


You will find in your “closet of prayer” what you frequently lose when you are out in the world. The more you visit it, the more you will want to return. But the longer you avoid it, the harder it will be to come back. If you are faithful to your secret place, it will become your closest friend and bring you much comfort. In silence and stillness, a devout person grows spiritually and learns the hidden things of the Bible. The tears shed there bring cleansing. God will draw near the person who withdraws for a while.


I believe we all need this closeted prayer. And I love when à Kempis says, “the longer we stay away from it, the harder it is to come back.” And it's in those very places that we need God. It's in that intersection between heaven and earth. Let's enjoy being alone in our secret place.