Refresh Conference

Our national conference is called Refresh. We’ve done it every year and it's a time for our missionaries to just get together and find themselves being renewed. There’s not a lot of programming or seminars, there’s just a lot of time to be renewed and refreshed and rested.


There are a number of areas in which we need to be refreshed. We need a fresh conversation with God, free of the baggage that we carry many times into our prayer life and worship. We need a fresh encounter with God—not just to hear about Him, or read about Him, or sing about Him—but have Him encounter us. We need a fresh lens to look at the world through the eyes of Christ. We need to look at our lives, our children, our love, and our commitments with a different lens, one that has compassion and love and the power of the Holy Spirit in it. We need a fresh fragrance. We need to literally experience the fragrance of the presence of God. There’s a certain fragrance around the people of God that comes from God. Finally, we need a fresh communion. Not just the communion that we take through the elements of the Lord’s Supper, but a communion where you and God become one. Where you speak with one voice and commune with each other, enjoy each other, and experience each other.