Psalm 62:11-12

"One thing the Lord has spoken,

two things I have heard:

That you, oh God, are strong

and that you, oh Lord, are loving.

Surely you will reward every person

according to what they have done.”


We declare that, “surely, God, you are strong.” There is no obstacle, there is no mountain, no barrier, no fence, no moat, no problem that God is not strong enough to wipe off the face of the earth. He is strong and mighty. We can hide behind His strength and hide behind His ability to out-wrestle anything. God is not only strong physically, He’s also strong spiritually, and is a strong safety for us, His people. There is a wall around us, protecting us.


The psalmist then says, “and you, oh Lord, you are loving.” Just for a minute, close your eyes and think about the love of God. Think about how He not only died for you to give you forgiveness and freedom from your own sin, but He chooses you to give you gifts. He walks with you. He’s there and wants to dialogue with you during the day. He's not aloof or far off or silent. He is a God that moves and speaks. Love conquers all. The love of God is what we experience and feel and then he rewards people for what they have done. Let’s live in His strength and dispense His love in powerful ways.