I’m writing this blog from seat 7F somewhere over Kansas. The pilot just said we’re cruising at 35,000 feet and we’re going about 550 miles per hour. You know, when you look at our country from this height and going that fast, it looks different than it does from the ground. You begin to see how rivers are formed and how towns are settled near them. You see the reason why things are ordered the way they are. Fields that look very random from the ground, become a tapestry of color from the crops when viewed from the air. It’s about a different perspective.


God has a different perspective about you. First of all, He isn’t limited by time and space the way we are. He views you in a whole different way. Not only that, but God knows the truth in all circumstances. A few years ago, we had a real problem with one of our missionaries. People didn’t know the full story and we couldn’t tell the whole story. But the whole story made more sense than just part of the story. God knows the whole story. So, when you’re thinking about your life and you’re thinking about decision making and moving forward, you can go with confidence if you walk in the truth of our Lord, because He knows and He has a different perspective.


Our church has a ministry time where we just pray for people after the service and this Sunday there was a woman who came who was so distraught. Things weren’t going her way and she had lived a very tough life. I loved watching her be ministered to. People were speaking words over her and gave her God’s perspective. That’s what we need. We need to ask, “God, what do you see? What is it you want me to do? I want to say ‘yes’ to your will in my life.” That’s the result of God’s perspective.