I had the most amazing experience with a young woman named Katie who is a hospice chaplain. She is a young mom and God has given her the gift of compassion in ways I’ve never seen or experienced before. She’s an amazing child of God who goes into the darkest times of people’s lives and brings light and joy.


Let me illustrate. I asked her, “What is the hardest part about your job?” She said, “It’s when people are all alone. They don’t have family, or any visitors, and they’re not part of a faith community. They’re dying and they’re scared, and no one cares. As much as we—as hospital facilities and convalescence homes—try to be warm and inviting, it’s cold and sterile.” She told the story about one of her patients, a woman who was all alone and was going to die in the next few hours. Katie prayed with her, sang with her, and read scripture to her. The woman’s response was, “Will you just lay next to me?” So, Katie got up out of her chair and laid next to this woman as she died.


When she was telling this story, I could not help but be amazed by Katie’s heart—which is so selfless that it wants to give to others. Katie is an amazing young woman. And she’s even more amazing because she’s in a predominantly male occupation—an occupation where young moms with eleven-month-olds do not fit the culture. But Katie does it because God has anointed her with compassion.