How Do You Talk to God?

Recently I was talking to someone who said she grew up talking to God like He didn’t know her. We all pray like that sometimes; rehearsing to God what He already knows, and protecting Him from knowing certain things about us, which is so ridiculous and limiting to our view of God.


I have some acquaintances that I see every so often. Sometimes we get together and we talk and learn about each other. We spend time together and we try to find out different things about each other in kind of an innocent way. But I have other friends who know me. They know what I struggle with, they know my faults, they see my flaws and they love me. I talk to them differently, I talk to them as a friend. I talk to them as people I respect and learn from.


How do you talk to God? Do you talk to Him like He doesn’t know you? Or do you talk to God like He knows you deeply? Isaiah 43 admonishes Israel to listen to the Lord “who created you.” And here is the kicker, the big line: “I have called you by name, you are mine.” I want to encourage you to talk to God like He knows everything about you, like you don’t have to hide anything, like He’s your best friend and you can tell Him anything. He will speak back to you words of wisdom and advice. He will tell you things that are important, because He redeemed you. He called you by name and you are His.