Giving Tuesday

After all the busyness of Cyber Monday and Black Friday when we rush to the stores to buy merchandise at ridiculously low prices—where some people will spend all night trying to get into these sales—we come to Tuesday and it’s Giving Tuesday.


I love it. November 27 is when people give to causes that they love. In some ways it’s used to speak against the craziness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I love it when the people of God give on Giving Tuesday. It goes to the Kingdom. It allows generosity to penetrate the selfishness and self-centeredness of the days before. It gives our missionaries a space, a place to be able to display and talk about the great things God is doing in their lives and ask people to partner with them.


I love that people can get on our website and browse profiles for our 160 missionaries and hear and see what God is doing in their lives. I love the fact that Giving Tuesday is a reaction to culture that is selfish. So, no matter what your favorite or heartfelt charity is, give on Giving Tuesday. It’s a place where we can speak into the Kingdom. It’s Tuesday, November 27—the Tuesday after Thanksgiving—and it allows our missionaries to experience the generosity of the people of God.