Sometimes I’d like the people who read this blog to sit in my chair for a few days and see the different flavors that God’s Kingdom takes on as God’s people work for Him. There are people who are quiet and reserved and you would never think they’d have a ministry, but they have a powerful ministry in their own hometown. Others have vibrant, strong personalities that are a catalyst for people to get together. Some ministries require very little management and just almost run themselves. Others I see striving and working hard to continue going, because it’s difficult.


There are also different theological flavors. Now, I’m not talking about our statement of faith. I’m talking about the expression of the gospel in different ways around our country. For some, the expression takes the shape of fighting for a cause, while others quietly counsel and pray. These theological flavors give life. People who are vibrant and strong and overt in their worship. Others who are liturgical and contemplative and in some ways quiet when they worship. It is so fun to see how God uses different personalities and different people to accomplish great things.