Because it’s Father’s Day this weekend, I’ve been thinking a lot about my dad and my son and the role of the father in the development of any person. The relationship between a child and their father becomes an enormously important relationship as they get older, because it involves affirmation and character building.


I’ve spent the last week in England, and I take appointments to pray with people. This time I prayed with about 35 students. I want to tell you about a young woman from the UK that came and asked for me to pray for her. For the sake of confidentiality, I’ll change some of the details. She was extremely accomplished, only 27 years old with an amazing resume. You would think she would be the last person that would need affirmation, but as we began to talk and unpack her relationship with her father, she came unglued. All she wants is her father to tell her that he loves her. He never hugged her and never said the words, “I love you.” Unfortunately for this particular student, this also affected her view of her Heavenly Father.


With this story in mind, my call is for fathers to step up. My admonition to the fathers who will read this is believe how important you are in your kids’ life. They need their father’s love; they need their father’s heart.