I’ve been on the road for two weeks and one of the things that I’ve had the privilege of doing is praying with a lot of people. I spent three days with a group of staff people in another mission. Most of them were millennials and they’re on fire. They desperately want to do something significant and make their lives matter. They are risk-takers; people who are willing to move on a whim. The Lord called them and they’re ready.


As I walked with them and spent time with them one-on-one, I uncovered something deeper. It was something that was not surprising but was almost universal: They struggled with their relationship with their father. There were rare exceptions; a couple of them had great fathers. But for the majority, the biggest issue facing them was how they can experience the love of the Father when the absence of a human father got in the way. Or how do they even frame the word “father” in a good way?


It reminded me of how important it is for us as fathers to tell our kids we love them, and to show them the grace the Lord gives. It’s important to listen to them and have the ability to hear what they’re saying. Work can’t get in the way of our parenting; work should be part of our parenting. We need to help our kids understand that. We need to let them see the goodness of the Father, through the goodness of their human father. Some people will wash out, because they can’t get beyond the barrier of their own fathers. But for those who walk in the truth, and build and forgive and foster their relationship with their heavenly Father, the sky’s the limit for them. I can’t wait to see what they’re going to do.