Courage and Transformation

I was in a meeting with our missionaries last week in Texas and there’s one moment that stands out. One of our missionaries got in front of his peers and told his life story—a story that involved betrayal and hurt from members of his family. But the Lord got a hold of him and through a courageous act he was able to break the chain of his past and find freedom. And in that freedom, he found transformation.


He was transformed from carrying baggage that was hurting him and weighing him down and destroying him to having freedom in Christ. It was so powerful. In addition, the Lord arranged for the sermon and some incredible art to perfectly align with his story. The response was powerful as people began to stomp out the curses and baggage in their life that were not supposed to be there. It resulted in an openness and freedom in the room. Why? Because one guy had the courage to share deep things, which broke the barriers and the chains for so many people.


If you’re reading this and you have deep-seated baggage that is just wrong, I want to encourage you to find a safe place to let it out. To stomp on it. To make the great exchange between your baggage and the freedom that Christ gives us.