Asking God Questions

I have a friend who, when he talks about discipleship and really walking with Jesus, says, “We need to be constantly asking God questions.” He’s not necessarily talking about the big questions like “Why is there pain and suffering in the world?” (which we totally need to be asking God as well). But he’s referring to asking God things like, “What do you want me to do right now? Is this something that I should be involved in?” in order to help us come to a decision about what how we should allocate our time. My friend says that God has an opinion on where you shop, what you do, who you hang with, how you organize your office, etc. He has an opinion and we need to ask Him His opinion.


There are two filters that I put on these questions. I want to ask God, “Is this my assignment? Is this what you want me to do?” I have a lot of good things that I could be doing, but I want to know specifically if this is my assignment. For example, if somebody asks me to speak or to be involved in their ministry or in some sort of activity, I ask the Lord, “Is this my assignment?” I'm amazed at how many times He says, “No.” And that allows me to have margins in my life and not to be over-committed. The second thing I want to ask is, “Is this right? Is there hidden wrongness in what I’m being asked to do? Am I doing it for my own good or for the good of the Kingdom? Am I accepting this assignment because of pride or a perception of power?” So, I ask God, “Is this my assignment? And is it right?” When you bring God into your daily decisions and actually ask Him these things out loud or in your mind, it changes everything. It puts God in control of your life, instead of asking Him to bless what you've already decided to do.