An Amazing Prayer

There are a lot of us around the nation praying that God would send revival to our country. Full on God-driven, Holy Spirit-igniting revival. Similar to those that have happened in Europe, Wales, and Azusa Street. I want to see God move in miraculous ways, and recently one of our missionaries wrote me an amazing email about revival.


It says this: “I just want to thank you for coming and speaking on revival. I’m asking others to pray for revival in nursing homes in the U.S.A. specifically for persons suffering from dementia. I sense that God is raising persons with dementia who will preach the Good News.”


Isn’t that amazing? Out of all the people you would think would be exempt from revival would be people in memory care units. But, our missionary is saying, “No, revival will start there. Those who cannot speak, will speak. Those who cannot remember, will begin to remember. Those who cannot comprehend will suddenly have insights beyond their abilities.” I love that: a plea for revival for people with dementia.