A Deep Spiritual Cleaning

I was reading the story in 1 Samuel where the Israelites are commanded by God to take no prisoners, no cattle, no people, nothing, but to destroy the entire Amalekite army. Saul, however, disobeyed and kept the king and his cattle, and the Lord was displeased. Why? Because the Lord wants us to deep clean ourselves, to allow His Spirit to work deep inside of us and bubble up that which is impure in order to let it out and get rid of it. He doesn’t want bondage, small or large, to trap us. He wants it all gone—the old man dead and the new man alive, new wine skins and new wine. He wants to free us from the restrictions of deep-seated things.


I really believe many of us need a deep cleaning. There are things in our lives that are so deep. We’ve had them for so long they have become normal. I would encourage you as a reader to ask the Holy Spirit to bring to your mind those things that are deep-seated that you have simply gotten used to, so you can allow the Holy Spirit to change you to be wholly obedient, wholly right.