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Hidden Local: Homeless Youth

Hidden Local: Homeless Youth

Homelessness among children and youth is a hidden reality, experienced by over 1.2 million minors in the United States. They might be in your own community. Watch this hidden local’s story here






The Casady Story

The Dalles, Oregon

There are 300 homeless children and youth—out of only 3,000 students—in The Dalles. Gary and Linda Casady started the Youth Empowerment Shelter [Y.E.S.] to provide a place of physical and emotional safety for these youth in crisis. Watch the Casadys’ story here.





Hidden Local

Hidden Local: Unseen Realities

Our country has a hidden underbelly—sex trafficking, drug abuse, and homelessness. But there are ministries that reach out to the people and systems that make up this evil, often-unseen part of our nation. We pray this artistic portrayal provides you with a glimpse into the life of a hidden local that God has called us to reach. Watch this hidden local’s story here.




The Dayna Carr Story

Greensboro, North Carolina

Using her story to help local kids, Dayna reaches her community in Greensboro through after-school tutoring, mentoring, and other community development initiatives. Watch Dayna’s story here.







The Betty Glover Story

LaFollette, Tennessee

Armed with her nursing knowledge and the gospel of Christ, Betty Glover moved to the Cumberland Mountains of Tennessee in 1958 to minister to those living in poverty. Watch Betty’s story here.







The Quintus StoryMason City, Iowa

Bringing hope to people who often feel belittled and stereotyped, Ken Quintus reaches his local community of Mason City, Iowa through jail and reentry ministries. Watch the Ken’s story here.







The Bickel StoryHungry Horse, Montana

Showing the love of Jesus to local kids and their families in Hungry Horse, Montana, Kevin and Gina Bickel started their children's ministry because no other place like it existed in the community. Watch the Bickels’ story here.






The Wilson StoryKearney, Nebraska

Children are often the ones forgotten and ignored in the face of poverty or addictions at home. Jim and Teri Wilson share the amazing truths of God's love with these kids through their youth center in Kearney, Nebraska. Watch the Wilsons’ story here.






The Grainge StoryPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania

The world is coming to us, and serving in your local community can lead to an impact far greater than you could imagine. David and Lisa Grainge have experienced this firsthand through their ministry to the Southeast Asian community in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Watch the Grainges’ story here.





The Ediger StoryPoncha Springs, Colorado

Reaching local is unique in every community. Rick Ediger found this out when he opened an automotive repair ministry shop in his community of Poncha Springs, Colorado. Watch the Edigers’ story here.







The Moran StoryMonmouth, Oregon

Serving his local community of Monmouth, Oregon as a chaplain, Freddy Moran reaches those in the workplace who are hurting, frustrated, and feel abandoned, bringing them the truth that God will never leave them nor forsake them. Watch Freddy’s story here.






What's Next?What's Next?

So what's next? This 2 minute video shares a few more ways that you can partner with InFaith and make a difference in your community. Watch and get started reaching local today!







Why Reach Local?Why Reach Local?

InFaith's focus on being local means that our ministry takes different shapes in different parts of the country to reflect the uniqueness of each place and each person who serves with us. Ridge Burns, CEO of InFaith, explains why “reaching local” is so important. Watch Ridge's explanation here.





Reach Local. Change Lives.Reach Local. Change Lives.

InFaith's field staff has been reaching local for years, using the gifts and abilities God has given us to reach people in our local communities by responding to the needs we see around us. Young or old, rich or poor; lonely, lost or powerless - no matter who you are, you can reach local in your community. Watch the invitation here.




Simple MissionSimple Mission

InFaith has a simple mission: we want to enable people, empowered by the Spirit, to love others because Jesus first loved them. It's that simple. We have people all across this nation reaching their local communities on a mission to testify about Jesus. Watch here.

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Video: Helping Homeless Youth in Oregon

There are 300 homeless children and youth — out of only 3,000 students—in The Dalles, Oregon, according to local educators. Enter the Youth Empowerment Shelter (Y.E.S.). Started in 2014 by InFaith’s ...More

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