Chaplain Endorsement

Chaplain Endorsement

InFaith is pleased to provide nondenominational ecclesiastical endorsement to U.S. military chaplains, military chaplain candidates, and hospital chaplains. The chaplains we endorse enjoy prayer support, opportunities to fellowship with others in ministry through our annual national conference and local area fellowships, and a newsletter written just for chaplains serving under the banner of InFaith.


Thank you for your interest in seeking endorsement through InFaith. Please contact Jean Andreozzi for further information.

What's Ecclesiastical Endorsement?

  • InFaith's ecclesiastical endorsement is a professional credential, which affirms to an employer that the applicant will be performing a valid church ministry, has demonstrasted evidence of a calling, and has received appropriate training for that ministry.
  • InFaith's ecclesiastical endorsement represents that the applicant is in good standing with the church body. In addition, endorsement creates an agreement of mutual commitment, accountability, and support between the chaplain and our ministry as a non-denominational mission organization.
  • InFaith's ecclesiastical endorsement is not ordination. All applicants will need to be ordained by their churches. In this way, every chaplain will be accountable to his or her sponsoring church, ordaining authority, endorsing agency, and institution of employment.
  • InFaith does not employ chaplains, nor do we assign the people we endorse to chaplaincy positions.
  • InFaith chaplains receive ecclesiastical endorsement by America’s oldest and largest home mission, an approved ecclesiastical endorsing agent for the United States Department of Defense, Armed Forces Chaplain Board (AFCB).
    • For military chaplains and chaplain candidates, InFaith will provide the necessary Department of Defense Form 2088 (DD2088) for endorsement as a chaplain or candidate.
    • For hospital chaplains, InFaith will provide the necessary ecclesiastical endorsement certificate and letter.
  • InFaith chaplains and chaplain candidates receive the bi-monthly Reach Local email newsletter for people who serve with InFaith along with InFaith’s monthly Chaplain eNews.
  • Contact Jean Andreozzi by email at the Home Office with any issues or questions.
  • InFaith hosts an annual Refresh Conference for its field staff, chaplains, and chaplain candidates.
  • Chaplains and candidates can attend area fellowships hosted by any InFaith field director.
  • InFaith provides prayer support for its chaplains and chaplain candidates.
  • Chaplains and candidates may call the Home Office anytime with questions. We provide a “Who to Call” list for various needs and concerns.

Basic requirements to be endorsed by InFaith

Active Duty/Reserves/National Guard

  • Undergraduate degree of no less than 120 semester hours from an accredited college or university
  • Master of Divinity (M.Div.) or Master of Theology, Christian Ministry, etc. 72 credit hour degree from an accredited seminary
  • Active Duty only - two years full-time professional ministry leadership experience, following graduate education
  • Ordained minister
  • Maximum age of 40 (unless there is prior service), additional age requirements vary by branch of service and entry program
  • Physical fitness examination as required for commissioned officers (MEPS)

Hospital Chaplaincy/Resident/Intern

  • Undergraduate degree of no less than 120 semester hours from an accredited college or university
  • Master of Divinity (M.Div.) or Master of Theology, Christian Ministry, etc. 72 credit hour degree from an accredited seminary
  • Ordained minister
  • Should be seeking Board Certification

Administrative Fees

U.S. Military Chaplains

  • There is a $750 annual fee for U.S. military chaplains who have received accession into U.S. military chaplaincy, whether full-time or part-time.
  • Military chaplain candidates and applicants will be required to pay a $100 administrative fee each year until they receive accession to military chaplaincy, at which time the chaplain will begin to pay the $750 annual fee.

Hospital Chaplains

  • A hospital chaplain who has been awarded a chaplain position in a hospital or medical center also pays an annual fee of $750.
  • Hospital interns and residents will be required to pay a $100 administrative fee each year until they receive a hospital or hospice chaplaincy position, at which time the chaplain will begin to pay the $750 annual fee.

After the initial screening process and you are invited to apply for chaplain endorsement by InFaith, you will:

  • Complete a 7 item written application
  • Submit a $50 non-refundable application fee
  • Participate in a video-conference (ZOOM) interview with InFaith mission leaders
  • The application process to become an endorsed chaplain through InFaith takes two months on average

Contact Jean Andreozzi at for more information.

Meet the hospital and military chaplains currently endorsed by InFaith.

Chaplain Testimonials

“Being affiliated with InFaith has been a significant blessing and source of encouragement to me because I know that I am continually being held up in prayer by a community of brothers and sisters who are committed to supporting God’s work in my ministry. The words of encouragement and willingness to provide points of connection to further beneficial partnerships have been invaluable. I have felt supported and well cared for.” –Jeremiah Hinton, InFaith-endorsed Navy chaplain candidate


“As a nondenominational chaplain, I looked for several years to find a reputable endorsing agent that was not just a type of ‘rubber stamp’ for me to receive, but instead one where there was true fellowship and support for the ministry that I was engaged in every day at our hospital. Through InFaith, I have found an organization that not only meets the technical requirements for endorsement, but also a group where I could receive the fellowship and support that I needed. I am so very grateful to the Lord for bringing me to InFaith.” –Matthew Hoffman, InFaith-endorsed hospital chaplain