General Fund

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Will you join us in reaching local by making an extra gift of $22 in 2022? An amount quickly consumed by a restaurant meal or movie tickets could have eternal benefits when you give it toward ministry in local communities. Will you give $22 today?

2:8 Fund

Care for our missionaries as they’re faced with a sudden urgent need like a death in the family, emergency medical needs, or unexpected increases in rent by donating to our 2:8 Fund.

Laugh & Help: Online Event

Your gift benefits ministry to local US communities and the care systems that InFaith provides to our field staff. Watch a recording of our event at

Help With Covid Relief

InFaith will disperse these funds to our field staff who are hardest hit with personal or ministry challenges due to the COVID situation in our country.

Reach Local

Give a donation that will be strategically used to reach local communities and change lives throughout the United States.

Retired Missionary Support

Years of ministry service without adequate funding makes it difficult for some faithful missionaries to afford their retirement. Your gift helps us provide additional medical benefits and other services to retired missionaries.

Chaplain Endorsement Program

InFaith-endorsed chaplains serve in our military and hospitals. They walk with those going through some of the toughest times of their lives. Your gift enables us to continue to provide endorsement, accountability, and care for our chaplains.

Memorial or Tribute Gift

Honor a deceased loved one with a memorial gift or a living person who has made a significant difference in your life with a tribute gift. Indicate the type of gift and person in the comment box on the next page.