Field Staff

Field Staff 

InFaith's field staff reaches local: responding to needs, introducing people in the United States to Jesus and encouraging them to follow Him more closely. They serve long-term—with no end date in mind. (We have some people who have been with us for over forty years!)


Those called to serve as full-time field staff with InFaith devote their full time (thirty or more hours per week) and attention to InFaith ministries and raise financial support to fund personal and ministry budgets. Those called to serve as part-time field staff with InFaith commit to sixteen to twenty-nine hours per week in InFaith ministry and raise a lower level of financial support.


Some members of our field staff come to InFaith knowing how and where they are called to serve, while others respond to ministry opportunities discovered and publicized by the mission. InFaith field staff members have a passion for God and a willingness to adapt ministry methods to address the specific needs of the people God leads them to serve.


Take the first step in joining us by filling out our initial questionnaire.

We know that researching an organization to join can be overwhelming, so we thought we'd list out some of the benefits you receive by serving on InFaith's field staff.



+  Fundraising training

+  Skills and personality assessment

+  Ongoing ministry/missionary education training (MET)

+  Cairn University tuition discount for you and your children



+  Refresh - yearly national conference

+  Area Fellowships - to connect with other field staff in your part of the country

+  Collaboration with others doing similar ministry


Fundraising/Support Raising Assistance

+  Intensive training on how to fundraise

+  Timely and accurate receipting of funds

+  Multiple options for supporters to donate to your ministry

+  Access to financial databases to track your progress

+  We are a 501(c)3 ministry so donations given to support your approved ministry may be tax deductible


Member Care/Counseling

+  An assigned Field Director who provides ongoing care and spiritual support as you navigate the demands of your ministry

+  An accountability structure to help you achieve excellence in your ministry

+  Available Staff Counselor


Communication Services

+  Ministry Web Tools, including a personal profile page on our national website

+  Online Donation Tools

+  Ministry Presentation Tools:

     *  National InFaith films, brochures, and table displays

     *  Newsletter templates

     *  Online platform to personalize materials such as prayer cards, business cards, letterhead, and personal ministry brochures



+  General liability insurance to cover approved ministry activities to protect field staff and participants

+  Accident insurance for participants involved in ministry activities

+  Workers Comp

+  401(k) with a percentage match

+  Life insurance

+  Health insurance (full-time only)

+  Vacation days (full-time only)



+  A system for recruiting summer staff and interns to help with your ministry


How short can long-term be?

That's a great question! We don't have any hard and fast rules about this. But we do think the time and energy investment in the application and fundraising process warrants at least a 3-year commitment to your ministry with InFaith.


How long does it take to apply?

Depends on a lot of factors, but we think you should plan on three months after the initial conversation with our expansion coach.


Do I have to travel to the Home Office to apply?

Nope. All conversations and interviews take place on the phone or over video conferencing.


How long does it take to raise funds?

This varies tremendously among our candidates. Factors include: the relative wealth (or poverty) of your network, the amount of time you put into fundraising, and the amount you are needing to fundraise. Except under rare circumstances, you should plan on a year, even two, to reach your fundraising target.


What am I raising funds for?

You are fundraising for the cost of your ministry program. This includes your personal salary, the associated taxes, health insurance (full-time), ministry expenses, and administration.


What does it mean to "join" InFaith?

Joining InFaith means to become an employee of InFaith. Your relationship with InFaith is similar to that of any other employer. The unique thing about InFaith is that almost everyone brings to us his or her own job description.


What if I already have an existing ministry with a name, logo, website, or brand?

Everyone who joins InFaith must adopt the InFaith name and brand. This is what allows you to raise support through tax-deductible contributions with InFaith and keeps us in compliance with IRS standards. This means that any existing ministry name, logo, website, email address, colors and fonts that you use to communicate about your ministry will have to be changed to clearly communicate that you are now a part of InFaith. But don't worry; we'll walk you through it.


What training does InFaith provide?

We have an orientation training that focuses primarily on fundraising. We help you articulate your ministry's mission, use the tools that InFaith offers, and know the best practices in deputized fundraising today. We also encourage continuing education of all our field staff through our Ministry Education & Training (MET) program.

Take the first step and fill out our Initial Questionnaire.


Process to join InFaith

  • Pre-Application Conversation
    • Fill out the Initial Questionnaire
    • Submit Resume
    • Have a conversation with Human Resources to discuss your interest in InFaith in more detail
  • Application
    • Various paperwork
    • Background check
    • Series of four interviews, which take place through video conferencing
  • Approved Candidate
    • Attend candidate training at our Home Office outside Philadelphia
    • Fundraise until goal is reached
  • Field Staff
    • Begin your ministry as a member of InFaith's field staff