Recently you may know that we had a couple feet of snow come down in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. There was no place to put all of the snow. A snow emergency was declared. Parking was at a premium. People were buying out all essential food products at the store. It was a mess. The storm was just as it was predicted to be: there were forty-mile-an-hour winds and ten- to twelve-foot drifts. It was all that the weather people said it would be.


And you know what happened? The city shut down – no one left their house, no one was driving around, the mail wasn’t being delivered, many people were without power, our internet was down at our apartment. We were stuck. After the power came back on, I was watching TV and saw an editorial about the snowstorm that I thought gave great insight. It was talking about how nature gets tired of our busyness and every once in awhile just shuts it down so we have to slow down. Nature, in this case, gives us a day alone, a day to enjoy beauty. What a great perspective on the storm. Instead of looking at it as a hassle, this commentator pointed us to those times when we are just so busy that even nature has to slow us down because we simply do not take the time by our own choice.