Simple Church

Last Sunday I was in church and we were singing a worship song. I didn’t know the song and I didn’t want to learn it. I just sort of shutdown and for a minute drew back and thought about “What is church? And why was I into it?”


Our church does a great job of presentation on Sunday morning. We have great lights and sound, a cool stage and lots of props, good signage and incredible hospitality. All these things can make a great experience on Sunday morning. But there in my seat all by myself, I experienced church without any of those components. God just met me. In a song I didn’t know, in a worship service that was full of great things to bring us to worship, God met me quietly in my chair. It made me think about how church doesn’t need to be so complex. Church is really when God and I sync together. Church, as you know, doesn’t necessarily mean getting together in a building. Church is when brothers and sisters in Christ connect at a heart and soul level. I think sometimes we need to think through how we can keep church simple.