Reach Local

As I’m thinking more lately about the concept of reaching locally, I’m starting to see it being lived out in multiple ways around me. Over their Christmas visit my family was sharing about a ministry they love which helps build support for foster families. It’s so good just to think about how this ministry reaches locally into their surrounding community. They bring support to families who are taking on really tough kids – kids who have been shuffled, kids who have been abused, kids who have been abandoned and have no love so they act out. This group brings together the support structures necessary to make foster families stronger, healthier, and wiser. I love that. It’s looking at the community around you and asking, “Where is it that God wants me to serve? Where is it that He needs to be?”


It’s reaching local. And when you do, you change lives. That’s what Jesus did. He ministered to the people as he walked and taught and prayed with people. Let’s reach local together.