I recently heard a sermon on self-talk and the kinds of questions that we ask each other. It looked at how those questions influence our life, and what they do to our outlook and to the decisions that we make. For example, if you ask yourself the question “Why am I so stupid?” or “Why am I so fat?” or “Why does every bad thing happen to me?” that puts you into a mindset of the natural. You try to solve those problems yourself; you take on all those issues yourself. As opposed to saying “What is God teaching me?” and “How can I grow through this?” or “What is it that God has added to my life that allows me to experience him in full and rich ways?”


This isn’t just double talk or some sort of positive thinking. Quite the contrary, we see this illustrated when Jesus fed the five thousand. The disciples kept asking, “How do we feed these people? It’s going to cost eight months’ wages. This is a remote place. There aren’t restaurants nearby.” And all Jesus did was gather what he had and gave thanks. And God performed a miracle – to abundance – where they even had leftovers.


Think about the questions you ask yourself. Think about the self-talk that you give yourself. Does it allow you to experience God in whole and different and wild and positive ways? Or does it make God small and your problems big? Let me suggest that we all should ask ourselves the right questions.