Prayer Really Does Change Things

Recently we had an issue at the mission that was creating some strong opinions and even some disunity. It wasn’t that people didn’t like each other; it’s just that they had strong opinions about the direction we should go on a particular topic. Twice we tried to come to a decision through meeting together and prayer, but as the leader, I felt that we weren’t yet ready to come to that decision. We weren’t unified so I delayed the decision for another thirty days.


We started the meeting – where we were going to decide how to handle this particular issue – with prayer. For a couple of hours, the four of us on the management team prayed together. We prayed for each other. We prayed for the mission. We prayed that we would have wisdom in this decision. And what had already taken us ninety to 120 days to decide, took us about fifteen minutes to figure out after we prayed together this time and slowed down. I believe that decision was a direct result of answered prayer. I believe that had we not prayed throughout that process, had we not slowed down to invite God into that issue, it would have been another month of presentations and perspectives that did not result in a decision. I really believe prayer changes things.