I have satellite radio in my car and I sometimes listen to three major news channels to hear their different perspectives. It amazes me that they can look at the very same event and all three have different causes, responses, and even outcomes—because their perspective is coloring what they see. It makes me wonder what is coloring what I see. What is coloring my view of Scripture and of who God is? There are many things in my life: the church I grew up in, the seminary I went to, and the work that I’ve engaged myself in. Which drives me to this question: what are the core things that cannot change no matter what perspective you have?


What is core for me and will not change—no matter what glasses of perspective I put on—is that there is a redemptive work of Jesus Christ that reaches deep into my life and cleanses me from all sin. The second core thing is that I have an obligation to reject the old man and accept the new man and receive the good work of Jesus in my life; I must make a decision. Third, there is a Holy Spirit who will lead me into all truth, who will guide me, and will cause me to have the perspective of what God wants for me. It’s just fascinating. Sometimes our perspective needs to be challenged. Sometimes our perspective needs to be reordered to the simple work of Christ.