My Life Verse

Every once in a while I’m in a meeting or with a group of people and they ask, “What is your life verse? What is the part of Scripture that you stake your life one?” I always kind of balk at that idea because it depends on where I’m at in my life and what’s going on around me. The section or verse of Scripture I’m currently clinging to is affected by how things are financially and health-wise. But there is one verse that I think summarizes everything that those smaller life verses have said. It’s found in John 2:5. In that chapter, the wedding feast of Cana is taking place. They run out of wine, people are distraught, Jesus’ mother tells him they have no more wine, and Jesus starts a dialogue with her. Then Jesus’ mother says to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.” That’s my life verse – “Do whatever he tells you.”


What a great verse! It has at its core some presuppositions. One is that Jesus will tell you what to do. In order for that to happen, we need to listen carefully. Our ears need to be attuned to the Spirit of God as He speaks to us through His Word, through our circumstances, and in some cases through dreams and visions. We need to respond in the same way that those servants did – do whatever He tells us to do. The second presupposition is that Jesus is going to tell us to do things that are good for us, that will help us solve problems and cope with life issues. What He tells us are good things because he’s a good, good God. So I love that verse. I should get a t-shirt that says, “Do whatever He tells you to do.” If we follow that, our relationship with Christ will explode.