A Job Well Done

I just got back from a trip to visit some of our missionaries in Nebraska. I met with some wonderful people. There was one couple that I met with and we had lunch at their house. The man has had some severe medical issues. I began to talk to him about his life. He shared some of the great things that were happening and also some of the hurts in his life. There was fellowship there – a bond – between me, from Southern California working in Philadelphia, with this man in a small town in Nebraska. Fellowship happened because Jesus was the center. The Holy Spirit brought us together.


After our conversation we had a great meal. Then I was able to pray with these missionaries, who are dear people and have served the Lord faithfully for years and years. There was a sense that God was at work in our lives. There was a sense of his presence in that room. There’s something powerful about the saints of God getting together and experiencing the presence of God. There’s something very powerful about the gifts of God for the people of God especially when we celebrate and thank God for those gifts. When I walked out of that house into some really frigid weather, all I could say was, “That’s a job well done. That couple has served our King well.”