Having a Full Understanding

This morning I was reading the book of Philemon. In verse six it says; “I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith so that you’ll have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ.” Wouldn’t it be amazing if we really had a full understanding of God’s justice and providence? What if we had a full understanding of God’s goodness and love or of how big God really is and how immutable He is? He cannot change! Think about what it would mean if we fully understood all of that. I think it would change how we view our own lives. We tend to take partial understandings of God’s Word, partial revelations from God, and apply it as if it’s the whole story.


Let’s just take God’s goodness as an example. God cannot be bad. He can only be good, because He is all that goodness is. There is nothing that could be defined as goodness that cannot be encapsulated or integrated into our concept of who God is. The problem is that we have a limited understanding of God’s goodness. So when we suffer or have struggles or financial issues or relational issues, we believe that God—for some unknown reason—has rejected us with His goodness. But there is a component in His goodness that allows us to see life’s struggles in ways that make a difference. God is good. That’s an amazing statement. Then you add: God is just. God’s will is providential in our lives. God is love. God gives us hope.


I pray that we will achieve what Paul wrote to his friend Philemon while in prison: “I want you to know that when you share your faith with the saints and with non-believers, you will be revealing all the good things that God has given. And you’ll have a full understanding of them.”