The Great Azusa Street Revival

On April 9 this year, one hundred thousand people are going to gather at the LA Coliseum to celebrate the revival that took place on Azusa Street in 1906 in Los Angeles. It was a pretty incredible event because it was the first multi-ethnic group gathering in a long time in our nation’s history. And God honored that and a revival broke out and hundreds came to know Christ. Many more were spurred on to do great things for Christ. Many of them understood the power and work of the Holy Spirit in incredible ways. There was prayer and salvations. It was awesome.


This gathering of people at the LA Coliseum this year is not to duplicate the revival, but to celebrate it and pray for further revival. It’s interesting to me that our InFaith national conference, called Refresh, also takes place during that week. Could it be that God is doing a stirring? Could it be that God is bringing people together on the same dates – as we pray and we seek God’s will – to have a great awakening in our country? An awakening that will bring people together – people of all different colors, people who speak different languages, people who believe that Jesus Christ died for their sins and rose again that we may have eternal life – people who understand the gospel. Could it be that God is breathing a wind of revival in our country?


As InFaith, we want to be part of that. There are some theological differences you may disagree with, but who could argue with the fact that our country needs revival? I believe what took place in 1906 could take place in 2016 if the people of God would pray for the outpouring of God’s power and Spirit on our land, that we may see people bow down to Jesus Christ and surrender their lives to Him. I believe that there’s an awakening coming.