Christmas Inflatables

One of the worst inventions ever to reach our planet are Christmas inflatables – you know those Santa Claus, reindeer, manger scenes that are powered by air blowers that take them from lying on the ground to balloon-like shapes sitting on the ground. They look awesome at night – they’re lit from the inside, they bring so much joy to kids and they certainly show a festive spirit. But then the morning comes and you see these dilapidated piles of Santas and reindeer and snowmen. It’s just so ugly. You can’t wait for the night to come so that these sleeping piles of nylon will come alive again. I just don’t like them.


Then I began to realize that that’s sort of how we are. Sometimes we are just a pile of nylon and God blows His breath in us and we come alive. We are ugly and we are not valuable and we’re not good to look at. And then God blows His breath on us and we become different. We become festive, we become fully of joy, we become what God has made us to be. We sometimes get a glimpse of what we should be but then morning comes. What we need is the breath of God to bring life to those of us who seem so dead.