I was asked an interesting question this week while I was in England. Someone asked me what one of the “hinge points” in my life was—a time when I look back and say, “If that wouldn’t have happened, then I would be different and my path in life would be altered and changed.” I was surprised what came to my mind. It was when I was chosen to be the leader of a large ministry in southern California called Forest Home. It’s a huge camp and conference center that required a lot of skill to run, as it’s fairly complex and has a lot of moving parts. And the search committee chose me.


I remember driving away from the pivotal meeting where it was decided that we would lead this ministry, thinking “I was chosen.” It was a tremendous affirmation for me. Not because of the size of the ministry or because of the places I’d have influence. It was simply because they chose me. I was also thinking about how amazing it is that RobAnne could have picked any guy in the world to marry if she wanted, but she chose me. She chose to give me her life and place her security and her ability to feel accepted with me. She chose me.


Then I began to think about 1 Peter 2:9 that says, “You are a chosen people.” He’s talking to Christians. He’s talking to people who love the Lord, and how unbelievable it is that God chose us. He allowed us to participate in and to be the carriers of His kingdom. We’re chosen. I think we need to rest in that and think about that. We need to allow the fact that we are chosen to wash over us. It’s amazing that God chose us and equips us. He gifts us, and He allows us to be His hands and feet. It’s an amazing truth and allows us to live and walk in the richness of Christ.